New Baltimore Area Pop-Punk Bands

        Recently, I visited the Ottobar in Baltimore to see Chase Huglin (acoustic) & Have Mercy (alternative). While I was there, I discovered two amazing new pop-punk bands- both from the Baltimore area. The first- Rookshot. Their set was so dope. I don’t know what it was about it… they just gave me the All Time Low/Neck Deep vibe. The second- The Neckbeards (or jokingly referred to as Scouts Honor). They were just so energetic and funny. Again, I got the All Time Low/Neck Deep kind of vibe- just with a bit of something else- something unique to these guys. I met 2/3 of Rookshot near the merch tables and 1/2 of The Neckbeards in the parking lot. They were all very kind, and quite surprised by my requests for photos- making it kinda awkward. However, their surprise seemed to be paired with genuine happiness. Neither of these bands are that big yet, but they definitely deserve more praise for their work. 
        I definitely recommend these two artists for anyone like me, who’s always open to finding amazing new pop-punk/alternative music. 


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